Modernization & Retrofitting

Retrofit and service

Especially in the segment of XXL machines the area of retrofit and service is a very important field. When buying a new XXL machine, one has to consider the costs for the machine as well as those for the periphery (foundation, media connections, etc.) By having the machine retrofitted, the customer saves this effort and receives a nearly-new machine at a lower cost. Furthermore, this machine suits the existing layout and fulfills all current technical requirements.

Our worldwide retrofit is independent of manufacturer and machining processes and involves overhauling of machine tools and machine tool components. To facilitate this, not only the required Schiess assembly team but also the capacities of Purchasing, Manufacturing and Quality Management, Electrical Commissioning and Documentation are available. This means that these projects also benefit from the same quality and service that you get when buying a new machine.

We offer you a worldwide service for the machine tool, provided by our service teams. This is not only independent of the manufacturer but also independent of machine type and involves everything including setting up, alignment, commissioning, troubleshooting, test machining and customer specific requests.The service by Schiess is independent of the manufacturer and the machining processes and provides worldwide support for machine tools and machine tool components.In addition to service, we also offer preventive measures to guard against machine failures/downtimes e.g. in the form of service/maintenance contracts. These are negotiated and adjusted on a customer-specific basis.

We offer:

    • General overhauls of machines of various manufacturers
    • Retrofitting of conventional machine tools with CNC-control incl. all necessary mechanical modernization work
    • Partial overhauls
    • Relocation of machines
    • Geometrical inspection of machines and adjustment, if required
    • Provision and delivery of spare parts


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    Examples of Modernization & Retrofitting:


    Bed-Table assembly group:

    • renewal of slide lining
    • grinding of guideway
    • renewal of table drive
    • installation of direct linear measuring system

      Portal and cross rail:

      • modification of adjusting spindle – trapezoidal spindle was replaced with ball screw
      • installation of direct linear measuring system
      • new drive motors for realization of higher speed on feed axes of milling support
      • installation of new milling support with hydrostatic guideways

      Electrical system:

      *Installation of a complete new switchgear incl. Sinumerik 840D control.


      Cross rail support:

      • complete renewal of milling support
      • achieving of a higher dynamic stiffness by installation of hydrostatic guideways
      • realizing of higher travel
      • renewal of feed drives
      • installation of a direct encased measuring system

      Boring and milling drive:

        • realization of operation process via water-cooled drive in the spindle sleeve with 3-stage planetary gearbox
        • extension unit acc. to Master-Head principle
        • exchange and extension of hydraulic aggregate


        *change to Sinumerik 840D

        Portal Milling Machine FR2

        • change to a new CNC-controlled milling support for machining of all 5 sides
        • installation of a new electric preloaded table drive
        • installation of a new control Sinumerik 840D
        • assembly of 2 chip conveyors on machine bed
        • complete geometrical retrofitting of the machine for achieving of higher accuracies

        Overhauling of a guideway grinding machine made by WEMA Aschersleben

        • complete overhaul of machine type SZ 1250 x 1250 x 4000
        • installation of a new control Sinumerik 840D
        • complete geometrical retrofitting of the machine for achieving higher accuracies

        Modernization of boring machine HFV 200 SKODA, year of manufacture 1954

        • complete geometrical retrofitting
        • development and assembly of a new headstock
        • change to Sinumerik 840D

        Modernization of guideway grinding machine 30 SZ 3025
        made by WALDRICH, year of manufacture 1971

        • complete geometrical and mechanical retrofitting
        • retrofitting of hydraulic units
        • delivery of a complete new electrical switchgear with control Sinumerik 840D

        Relocation of a SCHIESS - 63DFG from USA to China



        • complete relocation of a SCHIESS 63DFG machine from USA to China

        18-22 September 2018

        AMB Stuttgart

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