Vertimaster V

Vertical turning/milling center

This machine unites with a strong performance the machining processes turning, drilling and milling in one setting. So it saves time and guarantees a precise and effective machining of workpieces with a diameter up to 3.5 meters and a weight of 25 tons. Together with an automatic head and tool changer the Vertimaster V can be adapted quickly to different production requirements.

The machine is mounted on a vibration-dampening and torsion-resistant casting basement, on which all other machine components are mounted. The installation by means of fixators requires no special foundation.

The Vertimaster V machines are characterized by a very high accuracy of axial and radial run-out. The faceplate is equipped with an absolute rotary encoder for position monitoring. The faceplate is driven by a modern AC-motor with 2-stage gearbox, pinion and bull-gear ring in turning mode. In milling mode the faceplate is a contour-controlled C-axis, working backlash-free by application of electronically preloaded drives.

Column, connection part (at portal execution) and cross rail are high-quality constructions of vibration-absorbing casting. The feed drive of saddle in X-direction is realized by a servo motor, gears and ball screw spindle with pre-loaded double nut.
Ram and ram housing are also made of grey cast iron. The drive according to the design principle as of X-axis guarantees a precise feed of ram in Z-direction. The head and tool changing system varies according to machine design. A suspended disc magazine for turning tool holders is arranged on the cross rail in the version as pure lathe. An upright disc magazine with two planes for six machining heads or turning tool holders and twelve driven tools is used for the machine with live spindle.

Control and operation is done via CNC Sinumerik 828D sl / 840D sl including Safety Integrated for turning / milling mode.


    • No special foundation required
    • Automatic head and tool change
    • Masterhead system
    • Traversable face plate (Y-axis), optional
    • Direct measuring systems
    • Easy programming with Sinumerik 840D sl
    • Safety integrated for turning and milling mode



    Column designSingle column designSingle column designDouble column design
    Turning diameter (mm)1,6002,0002,500
    Passage width (mm)--2,700
    Workpiece height, max. (mm)1,2001,3002,000
    Workpiece weight, max. (t)81216
    Travel Z-axis(mm)        1,200   1,2001,400
    Travel W-axis (mm)-7001,200
    Travel X-axis -/+ (mm) 2,550/6502,750/8503,000/1,550
    Travel Y-axis -/+ (mm)--1,000/1,000

    *Boring and milling drive, optional, 46 kW; 3,500 rpm; 1,200 Nm
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