The Masterhead Principle – Quick Head Change for Wide-Ranged Machining Tasks


Our customers require precise machining centers that can be used for many different applications for machining to cope with increased productivity, constant reduction of idle times and shorter resetting times.

Our machine line SCHIESS with HORIMASTER, VERTIMASTER VME and VERTIMASTER 3 - 12 as well as the new product line of medium size machines with Vertimaster T, Horimaster and Vertimaster V – solve these tasks with flexible plant engineering and customer-oriented solutions. The quality will be permanently ensured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Technology-oriented machining heads with CNC-controlled swiveling axes as well as the head and tool change system in the pick-up made are integrated into the standard equipment.

In particular, our round rams guarantee a high level of technical flexibility when machining complex workpieces, such as milling deep surfaces with small dive diameters. Powerful round and also rectangular rams allow to calculate the machining time with maximum utilization of the machine; long re-setting procedures can be eliminated. Particular attention is paid to the customer-specific modular solutions; they offer optimal adaptation to the required machining technology of the workpieces.


We are Your Partner – A Specialist for Machining of Complex and High-Accurate Components

High precision in the machining process, the life span of the machines as well as flexibility for the most varied machining tasks were the targets for the development of our new SCHIESS machine series. They are fitted with backlash-free pre-loaded and absolutely wear-free hydrostatic guideways in circular and linear axes. The machines have high driving power, variable speed control and high rapid traverses as well as separate oil cooling circuits for the axes for thermal compensation.
All machine frames components are extremely sturdy and compact.

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